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Fixed Nokia N900 GSM Module with a Paper Clip

N900 from the inside

I had a SIM card error on my Nokia N900 phone. It started happening last week, just before going to FOSDEM conference (during the same week I also managed to spill a bottle of water on my laptop and the screen stopped working;)

The error message read “All telephony functions, including emergency calls, are disabled due to a communication error. To recover, you might have to reboot the device”. I knew it was a hardware problem and I thought it’s the end of my favourite phone. Luckily I found this link: I put parts of a paper clip between GSM module and its shield using adhesive tape and it fixed the problem! I feel proud of myself;)

FOSDEM 2014 Sojourner App for Nokia N900

I have updated the Sojourner schedule app for Nokia N900 for FOSDEM 2014. It has been done in a dirty way – instead of recompiling the debian package I have added a new fosdem2014 conference file and updated the config file to use it.

One issue was that Sojourner does not support HTTPS protocol for downloading the schedule, and Fosdem 2014 schedule is only available through HTTPS. To solve this problem I have created HTTP proxy at the following URL: and configured the package to use my proxy. Apache configuration looks like this:

There is another minor improvement – stripping of HTML tags from event abstracts and descriptions, because Sojourner does not support it. To do that I used mod_substitute Apache module. Here’s the configuration:


  • Old Sojourner version should be un-installed.
  • Dependencies (same as original Sojourner): python2.5, python-gobject (>= 2.16), python-hildon, python-notify, python-osso, python-dbus

Package download URL:

Update: I am now the official sojourner maintainer. To download the latest package please visit