puffin-scaledI am happy to announce Puffin, a project I have been working on since December.

The idea behind it is to create lightweight web application catalog based on Docker containers, offering the users smooth experience à la mobile app store.

The reason I think it’s interesting is that containers allow packing hundreds of relatively well isolated applications on a single server, which could bring the price of hosting them to almost zero. In addition easy-to-use orchestration technology lets developers easily describe complex applications in terms of microservices.

The whole thing is free / open source and I am hoping to build a small community around it – see README and CONTRIBUTING for details.

2 thoughts on “Puffin

  1. Hi Jarek,

    Pleased to meet you!

    I have just come across your puffin project. It looks really cool! Congrats!

    It is quite funny as it seems that around the same time you started your project, we started on jenca (jenca.org), and we are near release too. The only clear difference in terms of product is that we are aiming ours at the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

    It would be cool to catch up and see if we could help each other out in some way or another. Feel free to drop me a line and we can add you to our little slack community.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! john@jenca.io

  2. Hi John,

    Yes, definitely, we need to talk, I will join your Slack soon.

    I saw that you also registered on http://puffin.rocks and I was just reading about your project on website / Github.

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