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Paypal Sandbox Account

paypal-sandbox Note: I published refreshed version on Medium

For a few days I was trying to create Paypal sandbox account only to see the following message every time: “We’re sorry but something went wrong. Please delete this account and try again.” It looks like the form does not validate the input, but in reality every field is checked in a perverse way (from discussions on the internet I suspect that the rules change from time to time to increase confusion;)

I will get straight to the point and show you user details that worked for me – that should give you good starting point to create your test account:

  • Country: France
  • Account Type: Personal
  • Email Address: paypal@loomchild.net
  • Password: developer
  • First Name: (leave empty)
  • Last Name: (leave empty – for PayPal optional means forbidden)
  • PayPal balance: 1000
  • Bank verified account: Yes
  • Credit card type: Visa