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I am happy to announce new version of Sojourner FOSDEM conference companion. Last time it was a mobile app for Nokia N900 phone, now it’s a progressive web app, available on mobile and desktop environment. The goal is to make it fully usable offline (not yet fully working).

You can access it here: https://sojourner.loomchild.net and the code can be found here: https://github.com/loomchild/sojourner-web. The original mobile app can be found here: https://github.com/loomchild/sojourner.

All feedback welcome!

Sojourner Maintainer

fosdemI am the new maintainer of the sojourner app – a conference schedule viewer for Nokia N900 phone. Thanks to the original author Will Thompson for writing such wonderful piece of software that lets me fully enjoy FOSDEM since 2012.

I have added support for downloading schedule via HTTPS and improved event description display. It is currently possible to browse FOSDEM 2014 schedule and it should be ready for 2015 edition or other upcoming events.

The code can be found on Github. The latest binary package can be found in extras-devel repository or downloaded directly from Github release.